Seasonal Flu 20/21

Patients 18-64 (at risk) cohort

Patients who received an invite for our flu clinic on 3/10/20 and did not manage to come along should contact our reception team to arrange a further appointment.

Patients 65 years and over, housebound patients and children

Patients will receive an appointment directly from the health board.

Pregnant Women

You will receive your vaccination from your midwife.


You should contact your pharmacist for advice.

We are currently providing telephone consultation appointments. Following your consultation you may be asked to attend a face to face appointment where you will be given a specific appointment time. We ask that you wear a face covering and attend alone at the time of your appointment. If the clinician assesses you as suitable for a video consultation please click here for instructions to connect to this service. 

Michele Blair, our Links Worker can provide assistance to patients who may require additional support during this challenging time. Please contact our administration team who will pass on your details.

There are services available to support people during COVID-19. Please click this link for further information.

Clinics & Services

Asthma Care

Our practice nurses are able to provide asthma diagnosis and treatment. Once your asthma is stable we will usually ask you to attend one of the practice nurses every year to have your asthma monitored. During these visits we will usually enquire about your asthma symptoms, record your Peak Flow rate, monitor your use of inhalers and adjust any treatments to make sure that your asthma care is appropriate to the severity of your asthma.

We normally invite our asthmatics to the clinic by letter if we have not heard from you. If you feel that asthma is no longer a problem and are not taking any medication, please let us know so that we can remove you from our register.

Cardiac Risk

An assessment of an individual patient’s cardiovascular risk can be made.  This is only applicable to patients who have not had previous heart or stroke related disease.  It will give a rough estimate of the chance of an individual patient developing heart or stroke disease over the following ten years.  Its main use is as a tool to determine which patients may benefit from preventative therapy such as cholesterol lowering treatment or Aspirin.  It takes into account smoking status, blood pressure, cholesterol and the presence or otherwise of diabetes.

This will often be estimated routinely when you attend the surgery for other reasons and if there is concern regarding significant risk, the options available will be discussed.  Should you wish to attend for such a review, please make an appointment with our practice nurse. 

Child Health Review

The Cairns Practice provides a health check for babies around six weeks. Babies will be seen by a GP specifically trained in child health.  Sometimes doctors or nurses in training sit in on this clinic.  Mums will also receive a health check at this appointment. 


All of the GPs and the nurses are able to offer advice on contraception and sexual health. We can also give advice on emergency contraception (morning after pill) and pregnancy advice.


Our practice nurses offer a diabetic review at the health centre.  Patients with type 2 diabetes are invited on an annual basis and we arrange appointments in between times as necessary.  At the clinic, patients are given appointments with the dietician and nurse. 

Other Checks include:

  • Eye check: For most people this is done each year at Glasgow Royal Infirmary when photographs are taken of the back of the eye. 
  • Foot check: The podiatrist (chiropodist) or Nurse will check your feet at the clinic and give you advice about looking after them.
  • Kidney check: We do this by blood and urine tests.  If we detect small amounts of protein we will tell you this and discuss starting a tablet to reduce the protein and so protect your kidneys from getting damaged.


  • Childhood - childhood and infant immunisations are done at the health centre every Wednesday. The childhood and infant system is administered by the Primary Care Trust and the parents of infants are invited by postcard to attend our immunisation sessions.
  • Flu - flu and pneumococcal immunisation. This is offered to all over 65 year olds and people suffering from certain chronic diseases. Please contact our reception staff to arrange an appointment. GPs and Practice Nurses will offer this vaccination at your routine appointment.  

Minor Surgery

Simple minor procedures such as joint injection, excision of ingrown toenails and removal of minor skin lesions such as moles and sebaceous cysts are done at our minor surgery clinic. We would prefer for you to be seen by one of the doctors or nurses before you make a minor surgery appointment. They will advise you if your problem is suitable for minor surgery.

When required any removed material is submitted to the local Pathology laboratory for analysis. Simple warts can be seen at our nurses wart clinic.

Smoking Cessation

Pharmacists can offer help directly or can refer you to locally organised stopping smoking programmes.

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